Engineering Support to the Offshore Renewable Energy Industry

Engineering Support to the Offshore Renewable Energy Industry

Mooring & Foundation Solutions and Installation Engineering for the Offshore Renewable Energy Industry

Building on the Axis Energy Projects team's long experience in providing mooring and foundation solutions to the offshore floating production and subsea industry, Axis Energy Projects now aims to provide economical and well thought out mooring and foundation solutions for the offshore renewable energy sector.

The Axis Energy Projects team has a long track record of success in the design of moorings and fluid transfer systems for the floating production industry and has experience in the design and analysis of foundations in a variety of seabed soils for diverse applications including:

  • Drag embedment anchors
  • Suction anchors
  • Gravity base anchors
  • Driven piled foundations - hammer or vibropile
  • Drilled and grouted foundations

Axis Energy Projects is able to provide fully engineered solutions - from the determination of the design loads (by sophisticated computer simulation) through analysis and detailed design of the mooring/foundations to provision of engineered installation procedures and installation supervision.

Not only does our expertise in installation engineering ensure that the mooring/foundation solutions identified are technically competent, but, by tailoring the system to suit given installation vessel capabilities and any other constraints there may be, we provide commercially sound solutions that help maximise our customers' return on their investment.