Axis Energy Projects Scores in FPAL Supplier Performance Feedback 07/01/2015

Axis Energy Projects is delighted to have scored an average of 8.6 as reviewed by our customers across all projects completed in 2014 on the Achilles FPAL Supplier Performance Database.

Achilles FPAL manages a global network of industry communities, allowing partners to share high quality, structured data on performance. This enables buyers to access data on the performance of potential suppliers, and allows suppliers to increase market reach and demonstrate evidence of their credentials.

The FPAL forms are scored by the following: 1-2 - Poor, 3-4 - Mediocre, 5-6 – Adequate, 7-8 – Good, and 9-10 – Excellent. There is also a column for services offered which are inapplicable to the service provided by the supplier.

In addition to our high overall average score, individual elements such as Commercial Management scored an average of 9, whilst Project Management and Service Quality each scored an average of 8.8. 

At present we are registered to codes including:

3.01.14                  Marine Technology / Hydrodynamic Services

3.02.23                  Design Consultancy (Industrial Design, etc)

3.03.01                  Engineering (R & D) Services

3.15.99                  Other Decommissioning and Abandonment Services

3.01.99                  Other Engineering Services

However, to better reflect our expanded scope of supply, which includes the in house capability to provide turnkey EWT fluid transfer systems from FEED and detailed engineering through to installation, operation and recovery, Axis Energy Projects has increased the number of FPAL codes we are registered to.

In addition to our previously held FPAL codes, we are now registered to:

3.15.1                    Project Management Services

3.2.24                    Marine Consultancy

3.2.25                    Subsea Consultancy

3.99.6                    Rental of Equipment

3.5.27                    Piling Services

3.8.2                      Barges

3.1.6                      Pipeline Services

3.2.10                    Technical Documentation / Document Control Consultancy

3.15.1                    Integrity / Legislation Services

3.1.1                      Project Administration Services

Increasing our number of FPAL codes reflects our focus on achieving the next phase of our business plan following the successful completion of the initial phase of the plan.

Focus also turns to restructuring the company beginning with the appointment of respected industry figures to a bolstered the Board of Directors.  Our plan is to have the right structure in place to ensure we are fully aligned to our customer’s goals and to support our increased our scope of supply.

To further prepare for our increasing scope of supply, Axis Energy Projects has recently gained certification to the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards.