Axis Energy Projects Scores Best Ever FPAL Supplier Performance Feedback 12/01/2016

Axis Energy Projects has scored an excellent average of 9.2 as reviewed by our customers across all projects completed in 2015 on the Achilles FPAL Supplier Performance Database. This is an improvement on last year’s strong score of 8.6.

This success comes on the back of the company remaining profitable in 2015 despite harsh trading conditions.

Achilles FPAL manages a global network of industry communities, allowing partners to share high quality, structured data on performance. This enables buyers to access data on the performance of potential suppliers, and allows suppliers to increase market reach and demonstrate evidence of their credentials.

The FPAL forms are scored by the following: 1-2 Poor; 3-4 Mediocre; 5-6 Adequate; 7-8 Good; 9-10 Excellent.

Supporting our high overall average score, individual elements such as Project Management scored and average of 9.5, Planning and Delivery and Service Quality each scored an average of 9.3, whilst Organisation and Commercial Management scored 8.6 and 9 respectively.

Our focus for the New Year is on maintaining our record of excellent service and redoubling our efforts to remain profitable despite the current economic challenges.