Axis Energy Projects Wins UK Niche Offshore Firm of the Year 02/09/2016

Axis Energy Projects is pleased to have been awarded UK Niche Offshore Services Firm of the Year at the ACQ5 Global Awards.

The ACQ5 Global Awards celebrate achievement and innovation in business, and recognise organisations and individuals that achieve commercial success in designated areas of expertise. They boast an independent nomination process where all award winners are chosen by the industry itself.

Offering a niche service is at the forefront of Axis Energy Projects mission. We devise and exploit simple, economical but carefully thought out solutions to the problems posed in floating production developments. As part of this we design and develop our own novel technology for the offshore oil and gas industry and have lately diversified into the offshore renewables industry.

Patents have been granted on the Axis Mooring and Loading System (AMS) following a period of extensive research and development.

The AMS is a robust, simple, safe, easy to install, disconnectable, fully weathervaning, low cost FPSO and FSO mooring and loading system suitable for early, tail end and marginal field production and extended well test export system offtake tankers.

In addition to the AMS we have diversified into offshore renewables and have developed a system and methodology for anchoring stable platforms for offshore floating wind turbines, and have a patent pending.

Our technology is highly specialised and focused on satisfying market demand for carefully thought out, low cost technology in the offshore industries. With the Axis Mooring and Loading System we offer low cost solutions for early, tail end and marginal field production.

The importance of developing technology for maximising the returns in small pools, new discoveries or aging assets is growing as the world’s major oil basins mature.

Managing Director, John Baross said; “We are delighted to receive recognition for our work in a niche area of the offshore market.

“Our mooring and loading system has been in development since 2011 and as a result of this work we have a world class solution for safely mooring tanker at a low cost.

“Operating in a niche area is challenging, particularly in the tough economic conditions which we face at present, but it is very rewarding to be considered a market leader in that area, and to develop technology which results in assets being considered profitable when they would otherwise be thought of as economically unviable, or marked for early decommissioning.”

Axis Energy Projects has associated engineering design and analysis expertise in submarine pipelines, flowlines and risers, subsea structures, vessel and platform modifications, deepwater installation engineering and structural engineering and naval architecture, including complex finite element analysis.