Axis Energy Projects attended the Floating Offshore Wind UK 2019 conference and exhibition held in Europe's energy capital, Aberdeen, and organised by Renewable UK and Scottish Renewables.

The conference was supported by the leading players in this new global market, and looked at the global opportunity, how developers, the supply chain and more can capitalise, and where this sector is heading next.

Floating wind’s ability to tap deep water resource across the globe places it front and centre in the race to decarbonise and meet international carbon emission commitments. The consequent business opportunity for cutting-edge technologies is enormous.

At the conference, Aberdeen’s Axis Energy Projects, drawing on its experience and track record in the design and delivery of sub-structures for the oil and gas sector, introduced its Tension Leg Buoy™ technology that is being developed for deployment in the Floating Offshore Wind sector.

The Axis TLB™ system is a robust substructure and mooring system that provides controlled stability, roll and pitch. It comprises a subsurface buoy that supports the wind turbine. The buoy is fixed, by tensioned tethers, to a modular gravity base anchor / foundation on the seabed.

The TLB™ is lower cost than other Floating Offshore Wind designs. Additional benefits are its off-site pre-cast fabrication, a relatively small seabed footprint, no need for piling or jack-up vessels and a simple decommissioning process. it also offers the potential for wave power.